Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting A Speeding Ticket

3 miles in 26 minutes
I ran a circle today from my house that included some big downhills and some big uphills. I had two shirts on but decided as I was leaving to take one off. I regretted it for about 24 of the 26 minutes I ran.

I think I might have started out too fast instead of pacing myself and didn't feel good the last mile. I was on the verge of barf and was hoping a car wouldn't drive by as I was blowing chunks. Fortunately I avoided barf, although that feeling is becoming more of a theme when I run. It seems like my body has this limit, and if I go over the speed limit, I get a ticket (that ticket being the sense that my dinner isn't going to stay down long).

I'm optimistic that my body will ease up on it's limits over time.


  1. aren't training blogs awesome! like anyone cares but us, but i am excited to be a follower and to see your progress and all the gory details.

  2. Thanks! I've really liked reading your running blog. You inspired me.

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