Sunday, February 22, 2009

32 Weeks To Marathon

Monday, February 16th: 30 minutes on the exercise bike

Tuesday, February 17th: 2 miles in 23 minutes. I ran on the treadmill and wasn't feeling it that night.

Wednesday, February 18th: Rest. I have noticed since becoming more serious about running a few months ago that I have developed a voracious appetite. It seems like I consume large amounts of food frequently. It's entirely possible that a tape worm has taken up residence in my intestines.

Thursday, February 19th: 5.5 miles at high school track. I met the running gang at the school. I didn't keep track of my time but I felt good overall and think I kept a decent pace for most of the time.

Friday, February 20th: 30 minutes on exercise bike. Jackson and I watched a documentary about Abraham Lincoln while I rode.

Saturday, February 21st: 5 miles in 48 minutes. I was planning to only run 4 miles but I felt good after Thursday's run and thought it would be okay to go an extra mile. I was feeling in the groove and knew that I was pushing my pace faster than usual. I felt good though. I've noticed that my endurance seems to slowly be improving which makes me happy. It was a good running week.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blog Changes

To more fully maximize blogging skillz, I'll just be posting my marathon training once a week on the weekend. All the blood, sweat, tears, and gory details of running will still be there.

Stay tuned to follow progress and the imminent threat of nipple chaffing.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Overcoming a Psychological Hurdle

Friday workout: Doing tile until midnight. 'Nuff said.

Today: 6 miles in 66 minutes
Today's run was, dare I say, pretty easy. Granted, I'm no speed demon, but I was able to jog the whole time and felt like I was in the groove. My knees were sore around mile 5 but overall things went well.

The six mile mark was somewhat of a psychological hurdle for me to leap. Three years ago I was shooting for the marathon. I thought I was ready to do six miles, but in the middle of the route my knees decided I was done with running.

I felt a strong sense of accomplishment after my run today. I'm looking forward to slowing building up my mileage.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boring Treadmill

3.5 miles / 39 minutes / Treadmill

Conclusion from today's run: the treadmill is boring.

"Jogging is very beneficial. It's good for your legs and your feet. It's also very good for the ground. It makes it feel needed." ~Charles Schulz, Peanuts

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bike Problems

30 minutes on the bike.

I borrowed my brother-in-law's bike and headed for a big muther hill by our house. I just went up and down the whole time to give my legs a workout.

Matt's bike has endured a winter outside so the brakes are pretty squeeky and the chain is rusty. Even with these weaknesses, his bike is in much better shape than mine.

One other problem - the gears don't shift very well (or at all). That wasn't a problem going downhill, but it made going up the hill pretty hard. My legs are mad at me right now.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting A Speeding Ticket

3 miles in 26 minutes
I ran a circle today from my house that included some big downhills and some big uphills. I had two shirts on but decided as I was leaving to take one off. I regretted it for about 24 of the 26 minutes I ran.

I think I might have started out too fast instead of pacing myself and didn't feel good the last mile. I was on the verge of barf and was hoping a car wouldn't drive by as I was blowing chunks. Fortunately I avoided barf, although that feeling is becoming more of a theme when I run. It seems like my body has this limit, and if I go over the speed limit, I get a ticket (that ticket being the sense that my dinner isn't going to stay down long).

I'm optimistic that my body will ease up on it's limits over time.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Watching Grammys On The Bike

Today's activity: 35 minutes on the exercise bike.
Boring. But watching the Grammys helped the time go by quicker. Forwarding through all the crappy music turns a 3.5 hour show into a 20 minute show. Kylee was mezmerized by Coldplay. She has already developed a good taste in music.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

You're Aching

Ran at the high school track while Jackson and Kylee played in the bleachers.

4 miles in 41 minutes.

When I finished my last lap Jackson looked at me and said "You're aching aren't you dad."
"Well, yes son."