Thursday, September 17, 2009

15 Days To Marathon

4 miles in 48 minutes.

Mel and I went together on our run today. We didn't push it too much. It was dark outside so we decided to run on State Street where the road is better lit. The problem with State is that the slope to the gutter is very steep. That results in more twist on the knees. Which results in achy knees. Which makes you question why you ever started running.

I had one motivation for getting the run over with: I knew that a carton of Cookies and Cream ice cream was waiting in my freezer. In fact, I'd swear I heard it call my name a few times while I was running. "Cory", it said, "please, please move your legs a little quicker. I am anxious to get in your belly." I listened. And obeyed.

"There will be days that I don't know if I can run a marathon, but there will be a lifetime of knowing that I have!" ~ Unknown

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