Tuesday, September 15, 2009

17 Days To Marathon

I can't fathom the fact that the marathon is two and a half weeks away. I'm excited and nervous and apprehensive about the unknown. I'm planning to write a post everyday from now until then leading up to the big day.

I received an email today that I thought I'd share with you. Anything that involves bacon is certainly worth sharing:

"I recently stumbled on to your blog while looking for videos similar to the Brooks "Super Fans", they are the greatest.

As I read, I laughed and cried as so many of your experiences were the same as mine as I "trained" for my first marathon which I completed in February 2009 at age 40. I was having my mid-life crises and could not afford a convertible sports car or a 20 year old blond so I ran. I was slow but I finished and it was an amazing experience, somewhere in the mid to bottom of the top ten all time. I ran a second 4 months later....I can't stop, I really need help! Runners World is the devil with all the Ads for such cool runs.

Some of the things that come to mind from your blog that I experienced was the driving the course. In San Diego, it took us almost 5 hours to drive the course cause of traffic. Really depressing to think that the winners of the marathon would run it in half that time. In Sedona, we drove the course and had to put our truck in four wheel drive in some areas. Yeah, that's not good.

In San Diego, we ran though some neighborhoods and there were folks handing out bacon. It smelled so good but we feared the barf. The next morning, we ate bacon like crazy people.

Bring your camera! Have fun and enjoy the moment for what it is. There will always be another opportunity to run faster and for a better time but you can't do it for the first time twice.

I look forward to reading your post for the final days of training and a full report of the race day experience and the post race recovery.

Thanks for your blog and run strong,

Two time very amature marathoner, but I did by golly and you can never take that away from me!

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  1. fun! i think it is the coolest when someone other than family or friends reads your blog. way to go! and good luck.