Wednesday, December 30, 2009

20 Weeks To Marathon

I took nearly a week off of running after my knee problems from last week. (Was I asleep when they developed their conspiracy to be big jerks?) Over the course of the week I spent some time on the treadmill, and slowly jogged one mile barefoot on the treadmill.

Over the weekend we had a family get-together in Salt Lake. My only regret is not having a Cousin Eddie in our family to park an enormous RV in front of the house.

On Saturday, December 26th, Mel, my brother Kenny, my sister Hollie, and I went for our first ever run together. Kenny and Hollie have been so dedicated in preparing for their first half marathon, the Ogden Half Marathon coming up in May. I'm seriously impressed. This was also Mel's first run in a few weeks since nursing a stress fracture in her foot.

We ran 5 miles in about 55 minutes. It was a bit brisk (COLD!), but good running weather. Our run together gave ample time to discuss the technique and value of utilizing snot rockets in cold weather. I whole-heartedly admit: snot rockets are just absolutely disgusting. But when you're panting like a Schnauzer, your lungs are begging for oxygen, and your nose is so stuffy that it feels like ground sausage has been inserted into your gotta do what you gotta do.

We had a great time together, which more than made up for my evil knee pains.


  1. Preparing for marathon is always so good and such a refreshing feeling. And better yet if we can train for it together with friends and family

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