Sunday, February 14, 2010

13 Weeks To Marathon

My left knee is not doing so hot. It feels really sore and unstable. I decided I need to go a little easier on my body if I’m going to make it to the Ogden Marathon in May.

So I have adopted the Jeff Galloway Training Program to use for the next few months and if all goes well, I’ll give it a try in the marathon too. Jeff has been a world champion distance runner, written books, and is highly respected. He advocates for a run/walk program which ends up being easier on the body and speeds recovery.

His theory is that it is critical to take walk breaks from the beginning of a long run or marathon, even before you feel like you need it. Doing this helps conserve energy so you’re not dead by the end of the race. His website is pretty convincing. Check it out HERE. I’m looking forward to giving it a try for a few months. I feel like I’ve got nothing to lose. Why not.

Monday, February 8th 2010:
1 mile jog + 20 minutes on exercise bike. I wanted to test out my knee and did a slow jog around the big block. It didn’t feel the greatest.

Tuesday, February 9th 2010: 20 minute walk on treadmill.

Wednesday, February 10th 2010: 3.5 miles @ 10:57/mile pace. I wrapped up my knee with an Ace bandage then headed out. I had my first experience using the Galloway Method which seemed to work fairly well. I ran for three minutes, then walked one minute. It managed to get me through the run without a ton of pain and even with the walking my pace wasn’t too bad.

If you walk in our house, you will see a hand print on the mirror. That hand print is from me giving myself a high five when I got home.

Thursday, February 11th, 2010: 30 minutes on exercise bike.

Friday, February 12th 2010: Walking 45 minutes on treadmill.

Saturday, February 13th 2010: 5.2 miles @ 12:46/mile pace. Mel and I headed out for our run around the block. I didn’t want to be too far from home in case my knee gave out.

Things started okay for the first three miles, but after that my knee kicked in and I just couldn’t run. I ended up walking a few more miles. It’s been a bit of a rough and discouraging week for running.

Fortunately, I found something that made my running soul smile: The Krispy Kreme Challenge! (Read the full story and see more pictures HERE.)

I wish I lived in North Carolina and could run this one. The race consists of 2 miles, during which runners must consume a DOZEN Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They quickly sold out their 6,000 slots, and raised more than $40,000. Many runners dress up, and I noticed an unusually high ratio of Bananas. Here are a few pictures:

All twelve doughnuts would equal 144 grams of fat and 2,400 calories. I don’t think there’s much risk of gaining weight by running this race though. I presume that most runners toss their doughnuts by the end of the course.

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