Sunday, May 9, 2010

6 Days To Marathon!

Ah, the taper: That period of time when you cut back your miles to give your body a chance to recover and store energy a few weeks before a race.

I love, love the taper. AND....I hate the taper. This is best explained by coach Jack Daniels:

"Usually the last week of tapering is hardest - you know, those five to seven days before a race where you start questioning every facet of your training, lifestyle, sanity, and reasons for getting up in the morning."

THAT, my friends, is me. I've questioned everything that has happened over the last seven months during my preparation for my second marathon.

Did I run enough miles? Did I run them too slow? Will my knees hold up? Does my religion permit 4-letter words IF it's during a marathon? (I'd lean toward....yes. Okay, I'm kidding kids. You should never say 4-letter words. But I'm not making any promises during the marathon.) Have I consumed too many Hostess products over the last seven months? Is my stomach going to revolt after too many Gu packets? Do these socks make me look fat?

The week before the race is what I LOVE. I love the apprehension and excitement and nervousness and wondering and fear of the unknown. I love knowing that I have worked hard. And I love knowing that experts say it's okay to be lazy during the week before the race.

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