Monday, June 21, 2010

Register Now

This past Saturday, with my incredibly manly gas weed eater in hand, I headed to Confluence Park with Tom and Logan to clear a few sections of trail for the upcoming Hurricane Trails River Run on July 3rd.

I wanted to remind you to REGISTER NOW for the race. There will be a sweet raffle at the end with prizes such as Great Harvest gift certificates, Classic Sports gift certificates, St. George Running Center gift certificates, some nice clocks from Boulevard Home Furnishings, and more. More! Plus your $15 registration will get you a cool shirt.

Rumor has it that some big celebs will be doing the race: Lance Armstrong - Oprah - Will Ferrell!

Okay, I'll admit: I started those rumors. And they are based on absolutely no evidence. They are complete and utter lies. Lance, Oprah, and Will won't be there. But those guys aren't NEARLY as cool as this race.

Pick up a registration form at St. George Running Center, Classic Sports, Hurricane City, CLICK HERE for online registration or CLICK HERE for the Facebook page. Hope to see you there!


  1. I cant wiat for the race. Gotta Tell ya, Im still way nervous for all the HILLS>... I hope I survive. LOl :) Thanks for all your support and Friendship. It really means alot...

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