Friday, April 29, 2011

Bring On The Ogden Marathon!

One of the reasons I am excited for the Ogden Marathon next month is that my brother Kenny is running it also. He is currently working in Washington DC and snapped this sweet picture during a training run last week!

Would you like to know the other reason I am so excited about the Ogden Marathon? There is a Hostess store right by the finish line. I'm serious! The location could not have been planned any more perfectly.

I made a decision that if I can beat my PR of 4:25 for the the marathon, I am going to go to the Hostess store and cram in as much artery-clogging goodness as my stomach will hold.

But I also have to consider the possibility that something will happen to prevent me from getting a PR. And if that's the case, I will go to the Hostess store and drown my sorrows in as much artery-clogging goodness as my stomach will hold. Bring On Ogden!


  1. You always make me laugh! Think of this though....what if you took a deep fry machine along and deep fried the hostess goodness?? YUM!!

  2. O-Town was my old stomping ground! You will rock it. I will think of you and eat a twinkie in your honor. (Actually, I might be there to pace a friend towards the end. It's also my birthday that day, so for my birthday wish I want you to PR. Man. Aren't I selfless? You're welcome.)

  3. My type of logic! Here's hoping it's the first of the options though. I tried to copy your cool jump did NOT go well for me. It did however provide some nice laughs when I saw my proofs.