Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Best Mile Of The Week

Last Friday I had the opportunity to leave on a lunch break and go have lunch at the elementary school with my daughter Danica. (Note to self: make sure to eat lunch at the school on days when they serve cherry Cutie Pies. Many kids don't like cherry Cutie Pies and will offer theirs to you. And cherry Cutie Pies are simply scrumptious.)

After lunch they had their last fun run of the year. This awesome program started by the awesome Mrs. McCombs and the awesome Liz Dansie lets the kids do a mile run once a month on the track. They get a stamp on their hand after each lap, and once they have finished a mile they get a Cougar Paw.

I had a blast running with Danica and her friends. It is so fun to see the kids scampering around the track effortlessly while I'm trying to coax my old bones around the loops. I even earned myself a cougar paw.

I am really proud of Jackson for earning a cougar paw for every month of the year. This was something he decided to do on his own and he has a cool keychain full of paws. Not too many kids did all the fun runs.

This was easily the best mile I ran all week.

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  1. Looks like you have some ultra marathoners in training! What a great program.