Sunday, June 5, 2011

10th Marathon Coming Up!

Monday, May 30th 2011: 4 mile run/walk. Me and the Mrs. woke up at 5:00am. On Memorial Day. When we could have slept in. To go run. If that isn't dedication (or stupidity), I don't know what is. We had other stuff going the rest of the day so this was our only chance.

We went to the track at the middle school for the first time ever and I fell in love. Their track is DIRT! I adore running on dirt so I was a happy camper.

Tuesday, May 31st 2011: 45 minute run/walk. I enjoyed the dirt track so much that I went back by myself the next morning. I alternated between running on the dirt, running on the grass, and catching some air:

The weather has been simply perfect in our area lately. The cool morning air felt so good and I wish I could have spent all day out there. I caught this sunrise:

Wednesday, June 1st 2011: 11 mile bike ride in 50 minutes (13.3 mph). Mel and I went on a ride with our friends Darin and Shelly. We rode into a crazy, crazy headwind for the first half but loved having the wind at our backs on the way home.

Thursday, June 2nd 2011: Rest + Diet Mountain Dew + enormous Snickerdoodle cookie from Maverik Gas Station. I am considering quitting my job and applying for a position as Maverik Cookie Spokesman. Their cookies are the finest specimens of sugar I have ever laid my hands on. They are a piece of diabetic coma heaven.

Friday, June 3rd 2011: 6 mile run. My knees, legs, body, soul, and spleen felt good. It was a happy run.

Saturday, June 4th 2011: Nothing. We were at a family reunion and I will tell you something without one ounce of exaggeration: I guarantee that I ate more junk food on Saturday than any other citizen of the beautiful US of A. Needless to say, by the end of the day I felt gross. This next week I plan to repent and make friends with semi-healthy eating again.

We went to the park and Kylee wanted to try a jumping picture. We're starting the children young.

I will be running my 10TH MARATHON on Saturday!!!! That sounds so crazy to me. 10 marathons. I still feel like I have so much to learn and I'm excited for another challenge.

"We are not born broken. Our bodies are designed to run and our face is designed to smile."
~ Patrick Sweeney


  1. I just did my first track workout this week, but it wasn't a dirt track, but it was fun. It was nice to do a "speed" workout and not have miserable hills to deal with.

  2. love that the track is dirt!!! that is so awesome. also...apparently I am missing out on Maverik cookies?? I gotta get one like this week to try it out for myself!

    WOO HOO! UV is my first marathon...eek! maybe I will see you there! you are amazing for running 10!! that is awesome!

  3. those are some awesome pictures!! good luck next weekend!! 10th? you are a machine.

  4. number 8 for me! it's going to be fun. where are you staying? i told tom that we should have crashed your party, but tom's sister fed us well enough.

  5. wow 10 marathons!! that is awesome.

    haha - so cute that the kids want to take after dad with jumping pics.

  6. 10 is a milestone! I expect one giant jumping picture at the end of Utah Valley. I must try a snicker doodle- you've inspired me once again!

  7. Love the jumping pics, especially the last one. Best of luck with #10. Wow they sneak up don't they?

  8. My 10th was Bear Lake 2 years ago. Loved it. So jealous you are running Utah Valley. My twin sister is running it as her 2nd. Wahoo.