Sunday, July 3, 2011

Riding My Bike To Work (And Nearly Melting To Death)

Monday, June 27th 2011: 3 mile trail run in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.

Tuesday, June 28th 2011: 14.4 mile bike ride @ 15.3 mph. I came over a hill and saw some little ears popping up on the side of the road. So I pulled over and saw three baby foxes hanging out posing for a picture!

Wednesday, June 29th 2011: 22.2 mile bike ride @ 12.4 mph. Mel and I got a chance to go on a ride together and I suggested she try the Sand Hollow Loop for the first time. I took my camera on the ride and tempted fate many times by taking pictures while I was riding. One of these days I'm going to hit a pot hole while I'm taking a picture. And then I will look like an idiot trying to explain to the doctor why I'm sitting in the ER.

The scenery on the loop is amazing. You pass sand dunes, amazing red rock, and Sand Hollow Reservoir.

We reached the dreaded hill of death named Nemesis. The hill is steep and climbs into the sky. It feels like it never ends. The trick is to keep your head down and not look up at how far you still need to go. Otherwise you will start crying like a school girl. I accidentally dropped my water bottle half way up and had to stop to get it. In the distance you can see Mel coming up the hill.

Mel did awesome and didn't need to stop and walk up any of Nemesis. I was proud of her.

Thursday, June 30th 2011: 43 mile bike ride. I was feeling ambitious and decided I was going to ride my bike to and from work for the first time, 21.5 miles each way. I left early in the morning so I'd have enough time and the ride was great. I saw a beautiful sunrise as I was riding:

But the ride home was.....not so great. It was 91 degrees when I headed home and I felt like a melting popsicle after only a few miles. Because of road construction I had to take an unfamiliar road. I didn't realize that parts of this road had ZERO shoulder to ride on. I loved it not at all. This much of a shoulder is not alright:

By the time I got home it felt like I had lost half my body weight in sweat. The ride home was definitely one of those "What were you thinking?!?!" moments. It was way too hot outside to be doing this sort of shenanigan.

I replaced all calories burned by going on a date to Dairy Queen later that night.

Friday, July 1st 2011: A few friends and I raced a digital speed limit sign on the road. I'll have pictures soon.

Saturday, July 2nd 2011: Hurricane Trails River Run. (Full review tomorrow)

"You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face."
~ Gatorade


  1. Oh yes, I love early morning ambition!! I went out for a run a few weeks ago at 11 am and it was like 90 out. I lasted 2 miles. There's nothing better than ice cream in the summer is there? I mean, popsicles are nice and so is frozen ice but ice cream is delicious!

  2. Holy HILL!! That's crazy stuff! Way to go riding to and from work. What you save on gas you can spend on ice cream!!

  3. I love those Dairy Queen dates. I wish they happened more frequently! I think it's great that we have such cool wives that want to do fun stuff with us like go on bike rides. Nemesis looked like a monster. I'm glad you didn't die on the way home in 91 degree weather!

  4. You guys are awesome and I LOVE all the pics. So fun. And you are crazy hardcore riding in that heat. I am a total heat wimp. Great job!