Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Follow Your Dreams - And Contest Winner!

A winner for The Happiness Project book has been chosen. As determined from a random number generator, the winner is......Christina @ The Athletarian!

I seriously wish I had a book to give each of you. It is just so good. I did plenty of highlighting in the book I bought. It is definitely one worth purchasing.

Finally, I loved this reminder to Follow Your Dreams.


  1. AHHH!! I can't believe I WON! I have been having an "off" week and you just made me so HAPPY! I am so excited to read this! I love book recommendations! Thank you so so so much! Emailing you my info now :)

  2. Love that picture! I am so jealous that my blogger bff Christina won.

    Yogurtland tomorrow at 4pm is going to be epic. Maybe we can get a jumping picture with fro-yo in hand. Actually on second thought I better not risk it.