Thursday, October 13, 2011

If You're A Slow Runner...

I have no running skills. The word "Fast" in is enormously sarcastic. "Fast" and "Cory" are polar opposites. Technically they shouldn't be in the same sentence together.

So....what I lack in running skills, I try to make up for in jumping skills. Here are a few photos from the recent St. George Marathon.

Around mile 20:

Crossing the marathon finish line. Mel said she wanted to jump across with me but ran out of energy so she jumped in her head:

"The difference between a jogger and a runner is an entry blank." - George Sheehan


  1. The second picture is really impressive because the camera is not super low on the ground. Look how high you got! You're waist high on Mel. You've got some serious hops!

  2. Honestly! I don't know how you do it, especially at the end? Don't you want to cut your legs off??

  3. I can not believe how high you can jump...and at the end of a marathon! I am glad I am not the only slow poke out there!!

  4. How do you time that out with the photograhpers? I usually get caught with my arm halfway up in the air or something....

  5. @Christina - that just made me cringe for the thought of this Sunday!!

    @cory - amazing, seriously those are so cool!!

  6. That is some serious hops!

    And I think you'll do great in your hundred miler!

    Congrats also on the 75 mile week, the pics from that post were awesome. Especially the dinosaur print one. You run by some awesome surroundings!

  7. your jumps are always impressive!!! I have no idea how you are this awesome.

  8. I'm still learning how to get those legs up that high. My jump ends up being kinda horizontal instead of vertical. I have a marathon Sunday, I'm gonna give it a go!