Sunday, October 30, 2011

What NOT To Eat

"When we walk to the edge of all the light we have and take the step into the darkness of the unknown, we must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for us to stand on, or we will be taught to fly." ~ Patrick Overton

All week long I’ve been expecting a camera crew to show up at my house and say “We’re filming a documentary called ‘How NOT To Eat When Training For An Ultramarathon and you would be perfect for the show!”

Seriously, I have gone off the deep end this week. I’m sure my arteries are starting to get clogged with brownies and Halloween candy. I need to fix this quickly. It will be mighty embarrassing if I start sweating frosting during the big race in two weeks.

Monday, October 24th 2011: 5 miles @ 11:05 minutes per mile.
Tuesday, October 25th 2011: Rest
Wednesday, October 26th 2011: Rest
Thursday, October 27th 2011: 3 miles @ 11:00 minutes per mile.

Friday, October 28th 2011: 16 miles @ 11:33 minutes per mile. I felt like I was really dragging for the first half of the run but loosened up after about eight miles. This was my first run using gaiters which help keep rocks and dirt out of your shoes. The MENS gaiters I ordered don't look quite as manly as the online picture where I ordered them. Oh well. They're flashy and bright and I've decided I'm going to like them, in spite of their un-manly-ness.

After my long run for the week I indulged in a cardiologist's nightmare: carne asada fries. (Yes, there is a load of fries and cheese under that meat.) Forgive me, for I have sinned. I felt guilty afterward. Dear body: I'm sorry, I promise I'll do better next week. I promise.

Saturday, October 29th 2011: 8 miles @ 11:31 minutes per mile. I ran around the Sheeps Bridge road and Jem Trail near Zion National Park. The leaves in the area have started changing:

The scenery along the Virgin River was spectacular with the fall colors.

I think the leaves still have some changing to do so I will try to get back there over the next week. Pictures don't do justice to how beautiful it was.

This was one of the best runs I've had in a while. I loved every minute of it and I didn't want to leave.

On a side note, we added a new member to our family a few weeks ago: a Boxer named Ace. He is a good dog and our family has fallen in love with him. I'm still lobbying to change his name to something a little more unique. Like Geraldo or Jorge (pronounced Hor-hay). Can I get your support on this?

I can't believe that the 100 miler is less than two weeks away. Right now I'm not really feeling nervous or scared. I'm more anxious and excited. Really excited. Plus.....the aid stations have pumpkin pie!!!! This. Is. Awesome! I have a firm belief that every race should include pumpkin pie.


  1. Pumpkin pie aid stations...I think that could be enough to convince me to do a 100 miler! Ace is a cutie, and your kiddos look so happy with him.

    Oh and frosting is the breakfast of champions :)

  2. Your pics are lovely, except that thing you ate. :)

    I like 'Ace' - bet he is happy doggie to have such great kids loving him now. Good for you all.

  3. i am getting so crazy excited for you to run this race!!!! eeeeek!!!!!!! that pup is adorable and your pics are incredible as always!

  4. Love the gaiters!

    My boy named our boxer Duke...original huh?

    I look forward to reading about your race!

  5. Pumpkin pie...ick. Icing is just GU by another name. My eating struggle is choosing foods that don't wreak havoc on my stomach while I run.

    The scenery is just amazing and has me seriously regretting only taking one picture on my run yesterday. It wasn't like I was going too fast for it, either. :-/

  6. Jorge - i like it! when you change a dogs name usually you need to change it to something that sounds enough like the first name so that the dog will respond. I think Ace will respond to Jorge (hor-hay)! I renamed my Bandit from Jack. I tried naming him Bullet but he wouldn't respond to that.

  7. Nice gaiters! I actually wondered if your wife let you borrow hers! Hahaha. I'm just playin'.

    I love your new dog! Maglee, our boxer, is one of the best pups I know. I kinda like the name Ace, but you've got my support if you need to change it.

    Two weeks. It's coming!!!

  8. I think only a real man could pull off gaiters like that.

    Good luck with the rest of taper!

  9. Oh, and we have two pups - a Lupine (named for the flower, and a little bit the Harry Potter character), and a Phin (named for Phineas from A Separate Peace, one of my favorite literary characters ever).

  10. Those gators scream manly man, glad you decided to keep them!

    If pumpkin pie is being served at the aid station, then my thought it you need to practice with that in training :).

  11. Love your gators!!

    Pumpkin pie at the aid stations is going to be incredible!! Yum!

  12. Congrats on the new addition and YAY - it looks like he's a bit older implying you adopted him??? :D I have a rescue mutt and I run /w him and LOVE him so....fleas aside. your photos are always ones I secretly want to steal - damn those watermarks :P lol

  13. I eat pretty much exactly like you, so I'm not going to tell you to change. :)

    I actually like "Ace" because it makes me imagine him with fighter pilot goggles on and that's just funny.

  14. It's so soon!!!! Your pictures come pretty close to justice. Fall is over in my neck of the woods- the trees are bare, the hills are brown, and snow is predicted for tomorrow. Let the winter running begin!!!!! Geraldo gets my vote.

  15. I feel a tad bit responsible for your Carne Asada fries addiction. Sorry. On the plus side, think of all that protein!

  16. Nice Hoka's! Good luck on you race....give 'em hell out there.

  17. Hey, this is Jackson Reese, Cory's son, there is no freak'in way we are changing his name to Jorge, that is so freak'in lame!!!