Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beginner Trail Run Coming Saturday

Just a quick reminder about the beginner trail run coming up this Saturday. We'll meet at my house in Hurricane at 9am (email me at for more details) and drive a few minutes to a section of the Jem trail.

We will run around 6 miles. If you've been interested in trying a trail run, this will be a good opportunity to see some amazing scenery on a trail that isn't too intimidating. Here is where we'll be:

On a related note, the Zion 100 Ultramarathon now has a link you can click to volunteer at an aid station for the race or volunteer to be a pacer for a runner! (The Volunteer tab on the top right of their page.) I think it will be an incredible experience to be involved with this inaugural race. Guaranteed fun for all! Be sure to check out for more info!


  1. Have a great time on this run! I wish I could join but I think I am just too far away!

  2. I wished I lived out there, I would volunteer no problem! I bet being a pacer would be a great experience.

  3. I am very interested in pacing or volunteering at the 100-miler. I am off to check out the website.

  4. That sound's great, and interesting race event. Good luck to all the participants and looking forward for a successful race event.

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