Monday, March 5, 2012

Cows Can't Blow Snot Rockets

Monday, February 27th 2012: 4 miles @ 11:37 minutes per mile. This run was rather sucky. This was a Worse Than Justin Bieber run.

Dear Right Knee: Hey, how's it going? Did you watch Hoarders last night? Yea, me neither. Who wants to watch a bunch of people living with cockroaches? So I have this awesome idea. Let's be friends again! You can stop feeling tight and then we can go hang out and eat some Twinkies or something.

Tuesday, February 28th 2012: Rest.

Wednesday, February 29th 2012:
15 miles @ 12:50 minutes per mile. I ran the first 6ish miles with Mel on the Gould's Rim trail. We didn't prepare very well. When we got out of the car it was really windy and freezing cold. We both looked at each other and could see that each of us was thinking "Ugh. What have we gotten ourselves into?" We rummaged through the car and found some of the kids jackets and socks that we wrapped around us to keep warm.

The highlight was taking Ace on his first real trail run. He was so fun to run with and thought he had died and gone to heaven.

We just ran nice and slow, took plenty of walk breaks, and admired the views. This was the first time Mel had been on this trail and she said she really liked it.

I carried a hand-held bottle for him which worked perfectly. Fear not, I didn't drink out of the same bottle as my slobbery four-legged friend.

After Mel and Ace left, I finished the rest of the 15 miles by myself. I did a few out-and-backs on Gould's and the scenery is just so amazing.

This is at around mile 90 of the Zion 100 coming up in May (or mile 40 of the 50 miler). I'm fortunate to enjoy the scenery now, because at this point during the 100 miler I probably won't be able to see the scenery through my tears.

Have you seen that movie called The Horse Whisperer where a guy has an amazing connection with horses? Yea, me neither. But I have good news: Columbia Motion Pictures has contacted me to star in a new movie called The Cow Whisperer.

I came across a herd of cattle and spent a few minutes wandering around the crowd taking pictures. I walked slowly and they didn't run away. I was one with the cows. (Notice the failed snot rocket. Don't worry buddy, happens to the best of us.)

I figured out that my total mileage for the month included 154 miles on trails and only 35 miles on the road. If you don't mind, I'm going to use this to justify my turtle-esque pace.

Thursday, March 1st 2012:

Friday, March 2nd 2012: Rest.

Saturday, March 3rd 2012: 12 miles @ 11:34 minutes per mile. I did this run on the road. My knee felt a little tight for the first four miles and then something crazy happened. It's like I got a knee transplant in the middle of my run. I didn't notice any soreness or tightness and my knee actually felt normal! I tried using a dual action Cho-Pat strap, maybe that's what helped.

Dear Right Knee: I forgive you for your temper tantrum after the 30 miler last week. I will take better care of you. Lets be BFFs.

That night I did 4 more miles @ 10:46 minutes per mile. I got chased by a little chihuahua. Good times.

Guess where we'll be in one week from today.....The Virgin Islands! We've been planning this trip with a few friends for two years now. Bring on the jet lag, sunburns, and food poisoning!

Do you still go running when you're on vacation?
Probably won't run a ton but we're definitely packing the running shoes.

Any experience using knee straps?
I don't think it will be a long-term thing, just going to let the ol' knee get back to normal.

Do you watch Hoarders or The Horse Whisperer?
No, and no. Although I have seen Hoarders before. It is kind of entertaining and highly disturbing at the same time.


  1. Sooo many miles. And such a beautiful area in which to run. Of course, you're right to appreciate it now. I've been on a couple awful runs recently where, even though I am aware it's a glorious day, I have zero appreciation for it bc I'm miserable.

    Running on vacation is tricky bc my husband has no appreciation for running and can get resentful about me being gone. Our last couple trips I've managed 30 min to an hour a couple of times. Don't watch Hoarders but I saw the horse movie forever ago.

  2. Wow, that area is absolutely beautiful. I would love to run there!!

    Have fun on vacation!!

  3. Have a great time on your vacation!!! That sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. I normally run on vacation, but not my normal amounts. I've only read the Horse Whisperer, so I can totally picture your cow whispering skills. :)

  5. Gosh, so much I wanna respond too! First, beautiful dog! I would drink after that dog, just as long as he had licked himself as of late.

    Second, I'm already excited for your 100 miler. I cant believe it's gonna be your second!

    I do wear a strap around my knee but mostly for IT Band. I don't wear it all the time but when I know things are getting "ify". I wear my below the knee and it seems to be working better than above. Odd, I know.

    Never been to the Virgin Islands but sounds like someplace that would be great. Will you take your own Hostess snacks?

  6. Awesome week in training Cory! So glad you and your knee can be friends again. :) Have a blast on vacation. I am so incredibly jealous.

  7. I have a strap. My PT said to wear it only if you HAVE to get through a run. You should really just rest and rehab if it's causing you pains. Mine is for my IT Band and the only time I wore it was during TOU.

    Have the best time on vacation! I would kill for an island adventure right about now.

    Dude. Cows are ugly.

  8. glad the knee is back to cooperating again. sometimes i just want to scream like a little kid when my knees dont want to cooperate. like seriously. i am doing something good for you knees...dont you get it!?! haha. awesome week of running! and love love love running with the pups!

    i cant get over the pic of you and your wife. too dang funny.

  9. Nice work on the runs! That comment could be taken either way and when you run alot the runs happen but hopefully not for you. Where was I? Oh I was going to comment that I hope you have a terrible time on your vacation, it's not going to be near as fun because Josh and I won't be there and I pray for sunburns and rain for all of you. Would it be to much to pray for a Heart/Celine Dion fan club meeting at the hotel you will be staying at? I don't think so. I hope you know it's opposite day and your trip will rock!

  10. That's amazing that you were able to find enough of the kid's clothes to keep you warm. Hilarious! I love running with people that I love. Maglee, my boxer, loves to run, but she just wants to nip at me when I run with her. Ace is a stud! Great job on the good mileage. I hope your knee wants to be long-term friends.

  11. Good thing you had kids so you could use their clothes to stay warm :).

    Good news that your knee and you are on good let's keep it that way!

    Great run, Cory! Keep being super tough as you are!

  12. Wish I could make myself get outside to run more often. Views are amazing.

  13. you should use tommie copper on your knee.

    I love your pup

    I think that horse whisperer guy was once on the dog whisperer, so I've seen him in action but haven't seen his show

  14. I love the socks and jacket picture! Way to improvise! I am so jealous of the gorgeous views that you get to see on your runs. And yeah, better take advantage now. It's great that we both live in the same state that has so much beauty and yet it's so different. As always, LOVE the pictures!

  15. I have a problem coveting other people's dogs. Ace is no exception! I'm glad he enjoyed this run!

    Have fun on your vacation!!