Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Upcoming Trail Race: Hurricane Trails River Run

I thought I'd mention an awesome trail race coming up soon on July 7th called the Hurricane Trails River Run. I have had the pleasure of taking pictures at the race over the last few years and the scenery is incredible. The trail weaves through Confluence Park with some great views of the Virgin River.

Since the race is only 4 miles, this is a great intro for anyone looking to get into trail running. This is the third year and the race has always had good support and really good treats at the end. (And some cool scenery.)

Want more info? Great! Here are the details:
When: Saturday, July 7th 2012 @ 7:04am
Where: Race starts at Stout Park in Hurricane, Utah
Cost: $17.50
Registration Includes: Race shirt, swag bag, and post-race refreshments
How to Register: CLICK HERE for registration and more info at the race website.

I hope to see you there!


  1. Man that looks pretty! MD races just don't have that same scenic beauty :)

  2. ummm gorgeous. and treats. love treats. ;)

  3. Man there just isn't scenary like that in Iowa. BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Cost $17.50!? I LIKE THAT! Talk about money well spent!

  5. hmmm I think I could really use a vacation to St. George that weeekend. Sounds fun and it would sure be nice escape the confines of utah county. Thanks for sharing Cory!

  6. I'd be there except for the whole living-on-another-continent thing. The price is right and I could just about manage 4 miles without stopping. The scenery is beautiful.

  7. That race looks gorgeous! Central Ohio races will never compare with that scenery!