Friday, July 13, 2012

Watching An Amazing Sunset From The Trail

Last Friday evening I saw storm clouds in the sky. That hasn’t happened in our area for months! I knew it may not be smart to go out running the night before a race, but I couldn’t help myself. I knew the lighting would be perfect for some good pictures.

I ran six miles on one of my favorite trails ever. It’s a little connector path to the Jem trail. The setting sun really lit up Gooseberry Mesa.

I kept stopping along the way as the clouds were shifting and throwing light in different directions. In the last mile I stood on the edge of a rim watching the storm roll in and I knew I was seeing something special.

All too soon the sun went down. I didn't want the run to end. It is difficult to go back to running on roads around houses and neighborhoods when there is scenery like this only a few minutes drive away.


  1. Sunsets are one of the things I love about my evening runs. I run along Bountiful Boulevard in the evenings and I always get a great view of the sunset over Antelope Island.

    Those are all great pictures!

  2. Awesome! If your not already getting paid for your photography skills you really really should.

  3. Lovely as always. Have you ever posted about how you carry your camera when you run? How do you get it to not flop around or get all sweaty and gross?