Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Run Across America Completed!!!

In June I had the privelege of running with Chris Praetzel. Chris was in the midst of doing something unbelievable:


What was remarkable was that Chris was doing the run completely self-supported. No support crew or van full of gear. All he had with him was what he could pack into a baby stroller. His purpose was to raise awareness for organ donation.

By the time Chris arrived in southern Utah he had already run 500+ miles but had another 2,500+ miles to go. We offered to let him spend the night at our house as he passed through town and it was an experience I don't think my kids will ever forget. (You can read about our experience HERE.)
I have exciting news to report. After 125 days and more than 3,000 miles, Chris arrived on the other side of the country in New Jersey yesterday! I am speechless. I can't image what his journey must have been like. I am so thankful that we got to spend 1 of those 125 days with him. Congratulations Chris!


  1. amazing!! and this summer was so hot too! what a ridiculously awesome accomplishment...

  2. This is just fantastic! So humbling and amazing.

  3. Congratulations Chris! That's a huge effort.

  4. Yay Chris! You're so lucky you got to spend some time with him.

    I've been catching up with your blog--fall is definitely my favorite Cory Photos season as well as my favorite season in general (except for the colds part).

  5. Awesome! I remember that post about you guys being with him. You helped him complete his journey!

  6. Thanks Corey! Spending the time with you guys is something I will never forget, and a very important part of the trip. Hope we can run together again sometime!