Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More St. George Marathon Pictures

I had a little bit of a problem during the St. George Marathon. The scenery is so awesome that I couldn't seem to put my camera away. I think if I left the camera at home I'd be able to run sub-3. (Or not.)

Here are a few more scenes I caught during the race. This was our location at the starting area. It took nine minutes from the time the race started until we actually crossed the starting line.

My friend told me that he didn't know wildlife were allowed to run the marathon. Rawrrrrrr.

Around seven miles later we got to Veyo Hill. The hill is kinda steep. And kinda long. And you aren't shocked if you look to the side of you and see grown men crying like little babies.

From there you just run. And run. And eat some Gu packets. And wipe your tears if you happen to be one of those grown men who started crying back at Veyo. And then you keep running some more.

Our persistance paid off when we neared the awe-inspiring Snow Canyon.

These views are enough to take your mind off the fact that your legs feel like they are filling with rattle snake venom:

This is the last hill of the race at Ledges Parkway. I always get a chuckle around this area when I see how many pace bracelets are ripped off and thrown on the road on this hill. (Mine was one of them the first year I ran here!)

After the Ledges, the course becomes a very steep downhill. It makes for fast running, but chews up your quads like a velociraptor nibbling on your muscles. There is always a crowd of people standing at this barricade trying to stretch their weary muscles. I'd like to call it the Weeping Wall.

And then all too soon you cross the finish line......the ending of an awesome 26.2 mile journey. Then a happy volunteer places around your neck one of the coolest medals you'll find from a marathon (made of polished sandstone).

Thanks for another amazing year St. George Marathon!


  1. Those medals are pretty rad! The chewed up quads don't sound very fun, though! I'd be one of those men on the side of the road crying! :)

  2. That is a cool race and great looking medals. I'm tempted to give St. George a try.

  3. I love it, the Weeping Wall. When I did my first marathon I remember leaning against a baracade like that, taking a GU and I think an Advil to boot!

  4. I hated that hill at Ledges Parkway! HATED IT! Even worse than Veyo Hill! The Parkway hill was where I was passed by a lady walking up the hill while I was "running." I just gave up and walked it as well. Who was I kidding, I was just trying to look like I was running up that hill!

  5. People forget about that hill at the end and it can be so demoralizing!

    Beautiful pictures!

  6. Love that pic of the "weeping wall"! I really thought that hill at Ledges was way worse than Veyo :).

  7. oh man, awesome shirt! the only pic i woulda liked to see were some real tears being squirted...jk. :) great job out there and i'm a new reader so have to say in ref to ur header...i'm a pop-tarts addicted, nice to meet a fellow sugar junkie. :)

  8. As always...great pics! Keep the faith!

  9. You make pain sound almost fun. Weeping wall. Discarded pace bands. Yep, that race is definitely not going on my to-do list.