Friday, December 28, 2012

Amazing Running On The Cliffs

The day after Christmas I wanted to take a group of runners to check out the awesomeness of Sand Mountain. I have really fallen in love with this place since I first ran here with Zion 100 RD Matt Gunn.

It was a chilly morning. Cold temps, a moderate wind, and a dash of snow helped keep our pace steady.

If you can get through the first few miles of uphill sand slogging, you are rewarded with some of the sweetest views I've seen in southern Utah. I was fortunate to be joined by Karrie, Shane, Angel, and Lyle (who took this picture).

After five miles of running we reached my favorite part of the mountain.

Despite some chattering teeth, the views were too cool to pass up without a few pictures. Angel:

And Shane:

Lyle made sure to catch some air:

I managed to get in a jump:

And Karrie got in on the kangaroo action:

This amount of fun should be illegal. A little bit of frost bite is a very small price to pay for as much fun as we had over those ten miles. You could charge admission for the amazing views we enjoyed. Every single time I finish a trail run I can't help but feel anxious to get out again soon.

Finally, I'll share my favorite picture of the day with Mr. Lyle. Now go out and do something awesome.


  1. Simply amazing! How cool is it that these views are right in your backyard.

    I want to move back to St. George! It is an absolsute shame that I wasn't a runner when I lived there.

  2. Just awesome!
    I love running trails too - in fact, how did I ever live without it?!

  3. I swear that your blog has the best pictures bar none! Love that first one. You must pinch yourself every day to make sure you're not in the middle of an amazingly scenic dream.

  4. Really gorgeous! Seems like it was a spectacular run with lovely people. Very fun!

  5. Brrrrrr. That looked cold! But, I guess with running, everything is mental. I'm glad you had so much fun and had such great peeps to share it with.

  6. Your pictures are just so AMAZING!

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