Monday, January 28, 2013

Stunning Sunrise and Cassette Tape on Trail

I managed to get in a good week of training (partly because I got more miles in, and partly because none of those miles were on the dreadmill).

Monday, January 21st 2013: 5 miles in Red Cliffs Desert Reserve
Tuesday, January 22nd 2013: Nothing
Wednesday, January 23rd 2013: 30 miles on Gould's Rim Trail & Molly's Nipple
Thursday, January 24th 2013: 1 mile run with the kids
Friday, January 25th 2013: 5 mile road run before work
Saturday, January 26th 2013: 20 miles around Gould's Rim & Kokopelli

Thankfully no soreness or tightness after 61 miles. (I'm sure my lack of speed helps in that department.)

The 30 miler was one of the most beautiful runs I've had in quite a while. I've seen more than my share of amazing sunrises on the trail, but Wednesday was one of the best. I just stood there for 15 minutes watching the sun come up.

The scene was surreal. I was happy when I got home and my daughter Kylee said "Dad! Did you see the awesome sunrise this morning?" She knows how to spot them. It didn't seem appropriate to witness something so spectacular without a jump.

Later Mel and Jack came up to run 5 miles on Gould's Rim with me. I can't think of another six legs I'd rather run with. Jack LOVES trail running. It makes him smile.

Gould's Rim is a fun trail for beginners, with only a few spots that are moderately technical. You can get directions to the trail HERE.

Sometimes Jack likes to stay behind and sniff around a little bit before galloping to catch up with us.

Most of the time though he stays about 1/2 inch behind Mel.

I had so, so much fun running with them. I am so lucky to have these two trail lovers in the family.

After Mel and Jack left I ran to the top of Molly's Nipple. It's got a good little climb at the end, and once on top there is an incredible view of the Hurricane Valley. I zoomed in on this airplane flying below:

On the side of the trail I even saw one of these collector's items. Kids: this is called a CASSETTE TAPE. I had plenty of them with labels like Bon Jovi, Richard Marx, Phil Collins, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams, and Chicago.

I finished the 30 miles with another jaunt around Gould's. Just like the morning, the sky and clouds turned another shade of awesome. I got goose bumps thinking how incredibly fortunate I am to be surrounded by stuff like this. I am a lucky, lucky man.

And now for the most important question: What were YOUR favorite cassette tapes?


  1. Billy Joel maybe? I do remember having a small collection. :)

    You really are lucky to have such a gorgeous area in which to run and to be able to share running with your family.

  2. Awesome photos and certainly great running with great company. Jack is really super! Tapes... Exile, Bryan Ferry, Queen... the list is loooong.:)

  3. Way to log the miles in! Jack is such an awesome trail runner. What a pup! A cassette on the trail? That's kind of silly. I'm glad you didn't have any soreness from all the mileage. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos, for those of us on the right hand coast, it's a treat :)

    I'm still marveling at the cassette tape! Talk about a blast from the past. You have yourself a true artifact there!

  5. So freaking sweet! That sunrise is simply unreal, and I love that you have your daughter trained to notice the sunrise. My first cassette tape was Ace of Bace.

  6. Gorgeous! That jumping picture is incredible! I'm sure your walls at home are just plastered with incredible pictures.

  7. My favourite cassettes were the ones I used to make myself by taping from the radio. How many times did I miss the start of the songs because I wasn't quick enough? They were the good old days when it took real skill to make a good compilation.

  8. Oh my goodness!! Just in the middle of the week you get to head out all day and enjoy a nice long trail run? And no snow and dirty air to deal with? Yeah, I may be a bit jealous.

    Cassette tapes? We listened to 8-tracks!! Hahaha......well not dad did though.

  9. Hah, I just got rid of my tapes last time we moved. I remember recording them from the radio too. AH-mazing pictures! I can't believe that view of the valley- I thought it was a screenshot or something. :)