Friday, February 8, 2013

Beautiful Miles This Week or Why I Hate The Dark

I have run in some beautiful places over the last few days. So far, my 50 miles this week have taken me:

Past the wheat fields of Hurricane, Utah that glow like gold during the summer:

Past the looming mountain of Molly's Nipple:

Across some beautiful trails in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve:

And many trips on the hill I have (un)affectionately named Widowmaker:

And guess how much of this beautiful scenery I have been able to view? Nearly none. Out of the 50 miles so far this week.....45 of them have been in the dark! No bueno. It's a good thing I've traveled these miles many times in the past so I can envision all this beauty - when all I see is the light of a head lamp.
Here's to more miles in the light!


  1. So many metephores possible here. Life is so much more beautiful with light! Beautiful pictures!

  2. I actually like running in the dark but it's never dark enough that I can't see. It's the difference between running in the city where there's street lights and running in wilderness. I think if my scenery was as beautiful as that I'd prefer to run during daylight hours too.

  3. Your pictures are AHmazing!!! I think I've said this like a bajillion times, but it's true!

  4. Yea, I'm with Jessica, your pictures are amazing!

  5. Incredible shots as usual. Nice work on the 50 miles. Keep it up!

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