Thursday, April 18, 2013

Live Tracking For Zion 100 Tomorrow

If by chance you're interested in tracking my progress during the Zion 100 tomorrow, there are a few ways you can do that. The race starts Friday at 6am and the cutoff is Saturday at 2pm.

Zion 100 has a live tracker that updates when the runner reaches 19, 31, 57, and 82 miles. Last year it was hit and miss so we'll see how it does this year. To access the live tracker go to: . I am bib # 119.

A more reliable way to track might be to visit my Facebook page HERE. My wife will be posting periodic updates and probably some pictures.

Right now the weather is looking perfect. It should be a great weekend for a 100 mile adventure. Hopefully by 2pm on Saturday I will have made it to the finish line like last year.

See you in 100!


  1. Good luck! Excited to see your updates on Facebook!

  2. Hope you have a really wonderful race! So much to think about during those 100 miles. God be with you and hope you get great weather.

  3. All the best and enjoy! I will follow via FB between my weekend happenings and chores. Have a blast!