Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pictures From Wasatch 100

This past Friday I had the opportunity to spend some time on the course of the Wasatch 100. I'll admit, what I saw confirmed that this race won't be going on my bucket list. I am no where near man enough to tackle that beast.

I was at the Big Mountain aid station and wandered a few miles up the trail to take pictures. It was a scorching day - the hottest in race history. I got a bit choked up seeing some runners deep inside the pain cave. I know that pain cave well. I really admired their bravery.

One of my highlights was seeing my friend Danny Wilderberg. The heat was really getting to him. And yet her persevered and finished the race!

A few more shots from Big Mountain:

I think this quote summarizes the spirit of 100 mile races:

Huge, huge congrats to all the finishers of the Wasatch 100!


  1. Coming into Big Mountain , I could see a Zion 100 race shirt standing along side my wife & boys . I had a hard time seeing thru the tears as I realized you were there to support all of us . I truly appreciate you taking time to fill my Pack and Handheld with the coldest water possible . As you walked out of the Aid Station to get some pictures , I was feeling terrible and low , chatting with you helped lift my spirits . The only thing better than this time , was when my wife turns to me @ Lambs AId Station and tells me to "Finish Strong like I know how to !" Funny how being so broken down , a few kind words will draw you to tears . I owe you along with so many others BIG TIME !! When , not if , you tackle Wasatch 100 , I will be there in your corner ,along with pacing you .You are far stronger than you think !
    Thanks again FAST CORY
    Danny Widerburg

  2. I would have gotten choked up too. Those people are incredible! Wow!

  3. That is amazing. I am nowhere near man enough to do any ultra races. I'm so glad you were there to capture some of those moments. It really gives insight to how incredible ultra runners are.

  4. Ahhhh wow, look at those feet above. Goodness gracious. Your our eyes out there Cory! :)

  5. fabulous photos Cory! congratulations to all who ran it!

  6. That'd have been cool to witness the Nick and Ian show first-hand, yet also there for the mid-packers.

    I can't imagine doing a 100 - even if it were entirely flat. Ha.

  7. Amazing! I can't imagine. Not even a little bit.

  8. Here I am stressing about tomorrow's 37k training run and this puts it all in perspective. Better pull up my big girl panties and harden up.

  9. Superb photos. Not sure you should judge Wasatch and make any decisions based on observations from this year. It was too hot.
    Hats off to Danny on finishing strong.