Monday, October 21, 2013

Guess What I Found On The Trail?!?

I've kept things low-key for the last few weeks taking it easy to get rested for the Javelina Jundred. This little 101 mile jaunt through the Arizona desert starts in precisely five days. (Typing the words "five days" just made me dry heave.)

Current race forecast: high of 90 degrees. Yikes! My body and heat have never been BFFs. This past week I have been getting some heat acclimation by wearing layers upon layers of clothes on my runs. It is miserable but this has helped in the past when I've prepared for hot races.

Since the St. George Double Marathon a few weeks ago all my runs have been short, no longer than six miles. I'm making sure that me and my right knee can stay on speaking terms. Check out what I found while running on Gould's Rim! Vintage Van Halen.

Kids: this is called a CASSETTE TAPE. If you had a blank one of these, you could listen to the radio and when a good song came on, you could record it and make yourself a super sweet mix tape (aside from the fact that the DJ would be talking at the beginning and end of your song). There was some heavy rain in our area which must have uncovered the tape. Funny to think that this might have popped out of someone's Sony Walkman 20 years ago.

On Saturday I did six miles on the Jem Trail. It is one of my favorite places in the world to run. I think I could run these trails with my eyes closed.

I tried out the new Scott Jurek hydration pack. Having bottles in front is different for me. I'll need to spend some more miles with it before giving a definitive opinion.

I could a great sunrise lighting up Smith Mesa in the background.

The leaves have definitely started their autumn transformation:

The Jem is a little piece of heaven. This little stretch of trail is the first part of the Zion 100......and the only part of the course that is smooth, flat, and pristine. The rest of the course is a meat grinder.

With five days to go until the big dance I'm nervous and excited. The Javelina Jundred is one of the most fun races I've ever done. But I also know how incredibly grueling these 100s are. Before my first 100 I imagined that it would be the hardest thing I'd ever done. And yet the difficulty and pain MONUMENTALLY exceeded what I had imagined. But maybe it's that challenge that keeps me coming back. Can't. Wait.


  1. Good luck this weekend! Those temps sound pretty brutal!!

    And that's not just any cassette tape, that's a Van Halen cassette tape. Wow.

  2. Best wishes.

    Crazy that you found that cassette tape out in the middle of nowhere. Hahahah

  3. I bet someone was very sad to have lost that tape!!

    Good luck with the 100 this weekend!

  4. I had someone tell me this weekend that trail running is weird, he said "I mean, it's not like they are running on stuff we hike on with the scouts."

    Wrong! I showed him some pictures and he was then amazed at it.

    Trail runners are tough as nails, and when you add ultra distances it's just insane. You'll be excellent this weekend! Good luck!

  5. good luck on your race! Sounds crazy to me..running 101 miles in crazy heat!

  6. Feeling nostalgic for all my cassette tapes now. Not that I'd want them back because I've got nothing to play them with. I used to spend hours trying to catch my favourite songs on the radio too only to get frustrated by the DJ's talking over the start of the track. And that kids, is how we used to fill our hours before computers and the internet.

  7. Cory, thank you for describing a cassette tape for us young-ins. But I'm confused about this Sony "Walkman" contraption you speak of. Please explain.

    Good luck at the JJ! Can't wait for the race report next week!

  8. I find there is a certain sense of irony in the fact you found a Van Halen tape. What better songs to associate with Fast Cory than 'Jump' and 'Running with the Devil'?! :)

    Good luck this weekend. I will be out there crewing, pacing and cheering you on.