Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pictures Showing Progressive Exhaustion During 100 Miler

A few weeks ago I ran the Javelina Jundred - 101 miles of hot, sweltering fun through the Arizona desert. This race is a series of six loops of 15.3 miles each followed by loop seven which is another 9 miles.

I ran more than 80 miles with my amazing friend Catherine. Temperatures soared to 102 degrees. We took a picture at the end of each loop. I thought I'd show you the progressive exhaustion that took place over those 101 miles of awesome:

Loop One: Mile 15.3
It's all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out with an enormous foam hat.

Loop Two: Mile 30.6
Yes, our skin resembled something you'd find at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Our tube socks full of ice definitely helped make the heat bearable.

Loop Three: Mile 45.9
Beginning to feel like we swallowed a bottle of Benadryl, punched in the stomach by Chuck Norris, and kicked in the quads by an angry mule.

Loop Four: Mile 61.2
Catherine and I finished loop four after being paced by our friend Kristin for 15 miles. That loop saw three pit stops to barf on the side of the trail as well as a generous supply of sleep walking.

Loop Five: Mile 76.5
Sunrise was approaching soon, this was my last lap with Catherine before heading out on my own. I've said it before, but I was amazed and inspired by what she accomplished out there. She made this race an unforgettable experience.

Loop Six: Mile 91.8
I think it's important to try and stay positive and smile despite the fact that you are close to spontaneous combustion, your feet feel like they are walking on needles, you're so tired that you can't see straight, and your legs feel like they are caught underneath a UPS truck.

Loop Seven: Mile 100.9
Holy ouch. SO, SO, SO thankful to be handed that belt buckle and be able to sit down. That was a hard race.

I jumped each time we came through a loop but on the last loop I was so thankful to be done after 101 miles that I had my biggest jump of all. Huge props to race directors Jamil and Nick Coury for putting together another incredible race!


  1. I can hardly believe you can jump that high at the end of a hundred miler! Love the pictures! What an amazing experience!

  2. Just plain WOW!! It's fun to see photos for sure.

  3. You make it sound so much fun - being kicked in the quads by an angry mule, spontaneously combusting. I can see why you like doing it over and over again. Actually, I lie - it makes no sense at all but hey, if it makes you happy and it's not hurting anyone else, why not?

  4. Can't believe you got so much are after 101 miles!!!! Wow!

  5. When you can jump THAT high after 100 miles, you are clearly a super-hero. Well done!

  6. Awesome job Cory! My first thought when seeing your jumping pic at the end was that it must have hurt to land on sore feet!

  7. Your jumping pics always amaze me. After just half that distance yesterday, I would have smacked someone for even suggesting that I do such a thing haha

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