Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Tried.....And Failed

Last week we spent some time at Dixie rock......right in time for an AMAZING sunset. I was happy with how the pictures turned out. I tried to keep my feet on the ground.

And failed. The opportunity for a jumping picture at sunset should never be passed.

Others who have tried and failed:
1) Justin Bieber tried to make good music......and failed.
2) Pumpkin pie tried to be delicious without whipped cream.......and failed.
3) Some would argue that Will Ferrell tried to make a funny movie.......and failed. (And those people are completely wrong.)
4) Our dog tried to not cake off the counter in the middle of the night while his loving owners slept......and failed.
5) My wife tried to get me to go to Twilight movies........and failed.

And a final evening parting shot of beautiful St. George Utah:

Here is to many more failures in the future when I try to keep my feet on the ground. Jump on my friends!


  1. Resistance is futile. Just give in to the jump and be happy.

  2. Hahaha! Those are some great photos. I need to learn how to take some good jumping pics :)

  3. Awesome post Cory! Beautiful photos!

  4. Those are some awesome sunset pics - you always have my favorite photos. And I appreciate the comment about my photos, that means a lot coming from you - you are my favorite photographer (along with one of my friends). I probably took 5000 pictures last year, so 100 of them should come out good lol