Friday, February 7, 2014

How To Get A Piggy Back Ride During An Ultramarathon

The night before the Antelope Canyon 50 I got a text from my friend Catherine. She asked if I could bring her some Tailwind Nutrition for the race. "Definitely", I said. Her response: "And you shall have the first piggy back ride."

She paid up at mile 40. (Sadly this did not last for the final 10 miles of the race.)

The caption of this photo is not "Will work for food." It is "Will give piggy back rides at ultramarathons for Tailwind."

I made a video with more pictures from Saturday's Antelope Canyon race. (If you missed the race report, you can check it out HERE.) These were undoubtedly some of the most incredible slot canyons and rim overlooks I have ever seen. Care to see that video? (Please say yes. Please say yes.) Swell! Here it is:

Speaking of videos, want to get a preview of the new Altra Running commercial that is coming out this weekend? It's pretty sweet. (Please say yes. Please say yes. Swell! Here it is:

Only one more week until the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival 100 miler in Las Vegas! I am so excited for this one. This is a 2 mile loop course........for 100 miles. I've never done a race like this and am 113% sure it is going to be awesome. Can't. Wait.


  1. I'm really sad I couldn't make it for Jackpot. Have a great time.

  2. I really have no desire to run 50 miles, but I would love to run in that Canyon. Wow, just wow...except maybe the ladder.

    And just so you know, I think piggy back riding is weren't on your own feet. LOL.

  3. That was a great video of yours! Antelope is gorgeous. The Altra video was nice too. I have been enjoying my Altra's a lot. I just don't know how much I should use them during the upcoming race. I'm not sure if I have transitioned into them long enough yet. I've got my Hoka's for sure that will keep me cushioned.

  4. Loved how the youtube video turned out, Cory! So many great photos. One of these days I will have to run where there are no trees, just scenic red rocks. It's pretty unreal!