Monday, April 21, 2014

Views That Are More Amazing Than The Movie FROZEN

I have this secret trail in southern Utah. It ALWAYS involves some route finding. ("Route finding" is code for "you will inevitably spend part of the time wandering around the desert lost.") I endure this route finding because I love the views at the end more than my daughters love the movie Frozen.

The trail is basically miserable. It is mile after mile after mile of steep, unrelenting, soul destroying deep sand. It feels like if you stand still too long you will find yourself up to your armpits in sand. And the last thing you want is sandy pits. Serious chaffing. On this visit the wildflowers were blooming more than I've ever seen here.

The cacti were blooming too:

After trudging through endless mountains of sand you get to some pretty cool slick rock sections. Inevitably there is some "route finding" up here too.

There are little natural arches like this all over the place.

It's fun to run through this kind of stuff.

The clouds that were rolling in were a photographer's DREAM.

Time for some Altra Olympus / slick rock parkour!!!

Finally I arrived at my destination. The views up here are some of the most spectacular I have ever seen.

Standing on the edge of these towering cliffs is always one of those experiences that leaves me speechless. Like it's the first time in forever. (I know. It doesn't make sense. Tell Disney that.)

Notice: upcoming staged running picture. Let it go.

It's been a while since I've stood on the edge of this cliff. I've missed it. I was so happy to be back.

The Piano Guys filmed a video of their song called "Paradise" on these very same cliffs. That video has 25 mmmmmillion (nope, not a typo, it's seriously 25 MILLION) views. You can watch the video HERE. It's no wonder they chose such an epic location for the video.

I stopped in this little shady nook for a few minutes to eat lunch before heading back. (Lunch = a pack of Honey Stinger chews and a waffle. It's no In & Out Burger but it will suffice.) It was getting pretty toasty outside (mmmm, toast), so I needed a little time to cool my body off. No building a snowman on this trip.

Sometime I ought to take a group of peeps on a tour up here. As payment I will gladly accept brownies, cinnamon rolls, or a couple pair of earplugs to have handy when my daughters start singing songs from Frozen for the eight bajillionth time. I guarantee you won't find views better than this.


  1. Spectacular. Now I'll need to watch Frozen to see if your claims are accurate.

  2. Just amazing. I'm so envious of the beauty all around you...and so thankful you use your running and photography skills to share them with us. I'm with you on the scenery > Frozen.

  3. Words can't describe that. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! You're right ,better than the movie frozen, mostly because that looks warm and frozen was mostly cold and I hate being cold.

    Also, a bit of self promotion, I get to play that 25 million views song with Alex Boye (not the piano guys) in my symphony's concert in July. Just sayin. ;)

  5. Beings my youngest are 18, I have not seen Frozen. And sounds like I don't need to! :)
    Gorgeous pictures, as always!
    I remember running at that place in St. George last year and seeing all those flowers blooming on the cactus. So cool!