Monday, July 14, 2014

Facing My Fear

I am facing my fear. I'm not referring to:

1) My fear of flying in airplanes.
2) My fear of needles.
3) My fear of being strapped down and forced to listen to Whitney Houston's song "I Will Always Love You" play on repeat into eternity.

I AM referring to The Bear 100. After trying to work up the courage for a few months, I finally registered. That race scares and intimidates me. It's in the major league of 100 milers. 22,000 FEET of climbing. Sometimes in a blizzard. It is also allegedly one of the most beautiful races in the country. The elevation profile looks like a cardiac rhythm. And I may include this picture in every blog post until the race in two months.

One of the things that has helped in recovery from 100 milers is to not run a single step for at least a week afterward. It has been a week since the 100 miler at the track and I was antsy to get back on the trail. Some other peeps joined me Saturday morning for the 10 mile trek to Toquerville Falls.

We started out with my friends Tom and Liz. But they are fast and my legs are in recovery mode so I encouraged them to run ahead. My friend David also came but had to head back early. I did end up running the whole time with my brother-in-law Matt. In the distance we saw the moon setting which was seriously beautiful.

I caught this picture of Matt running across the top of the falls. I've never been to the other side like this before because the water has always been higher. It was awesome to see Toquerville Falls from a new perspective.

These next two pictures were taken by Matt. He is a great photographer.

The sun came out on the way back so we got a good workout of Sweating To The Oldies......minus the Oldies. And sadly minus Richard Simmons. That guy seems like he would be funny to run with.

Remember when your parents told you that they walked to and from school, and it was uphill both ways? Toquerville Falls is exactly like that. Due to some warp in the cosmic universe, it really is steep uphill both ways.

I plan to spend many miles here in the coming two months getting as much vertical as my legs will tolerate to prepare for The Bear. As nervous as I am for the race, I'm not sure I've ever been more excited after I clicked that "Register" button. Dear Bear 100: You will be MINE!


  1. Gorgeous pictures of the falls! Good for you for taking on fears, best of luck at Bear 100!

  2. That elevation profile is insane. The pictures, as always, are amazing, but now I'm excited instead of envious. :)

  3. I have some very mild psychic abilities and I can seen in your future a lot of hill training. A real lot!

  4. OMG on that elevation profile - wow

  5. Nice!!! I always follow The Bear! I have a few friends your side that's done it. Awesome!!!

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