Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bear 100 Miler TOMORROW!

All my training this year has led to now........the Bear 100 starting tomorrow. I'm certainly nervous, but also seriously excited to tackle the hardest race of my life. 

Climbing more than 22,500 feet in those 100 miles will be an incredible adventure. I can't wait to see the scenery. I can't wait to see some great running friends. I can't wait to see what kind of wildlife shows up to put some pep in my pace.

The race starts Friday morning and the cutoff is 6:00pm on Saturday night. I fully intend to be standing at the finish line before that time. 

If by chance you're really bored on Friday or Saturday and want to track my progress during the race you can click HERE. (Sometimes there are glitches with this stuff so if you see me stuck at a certain point, don't worry. There is at least a 70% chance I haven't become dinner for a bear.) My bib # is 234. 

100 MILES OR BUST!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Pulling for you Cory! We believe in you!

  2. Ahhhhh so excited for you!! And I'm actually going to be home some of the time to check in on you! :) Best of luck for a great race yielding lots of good stories and amazing pictures!

  3. Good luck Cory. I hope it's as much fun as you can handle minus the bears.

  4. I'm tracking you! Way to go! I had a 1/2 this morn & utilized you for inspiration. Can't wait to read about it!

  5. Yippee, you finished. Way to go, and a big, big congratulations.

  6. I tried to email you using the contact me link on your blog but got an error that the max entries for the form had been exceeded. You might want to check that out. Can't wait for the bear race report!