Friday, September 5, 2014

I Smell Like Poop

Among the things that have happened in my life lately:

1) We are planting a fall garden at our house. I stopped at the nursery and bought three bags of cow manure then drove home. They were in the trunk for a total of 45 minutes. And now my car smells like a cattle farm. And consequently after sitting in my car for a few minutes I now smell like a cattle farm. 

2) My son played the song "New York State Of Mind" by Billy Joel on the piano at Hurricane's Got Talent. If you want to get goosebumps stop by our house and ask him to play that song. 

3) I had my first experience with a run to the top of Pine Valley. It was only around six miles....and it took me around four hours to go up and back. Very steep.

It was a bit hazy that morning but in the distance you can see Zion National Park:

In related news, I may be able to run faster if I ran in ugly places where I didn't keep pulling out my camera.

This tree was pointing which way to go:

This is a typical view of what the Oak Grove Trail looks like to get to the top of Pine Valley:

4) I have issues with my feet during really long runs so a medical friend suggested trying compression socks. They are bright enough that I wouldn't need a head lamp at night. I wore them to Toquerville Falls. Here's what's crazy: it was pitch black when I took this picture.

5) The last few times I've been to Toquerville Falls, the deer flies have removed pounds of flesh from my body. It's a painful, though effective weight loss strategy. Well, good news. When I went a few days ago the vampire-blood-sucking-flesh-eating-deer-flies are gone! 

I'll be taking a group of peeps to Toquerville Falls tomorrow morning. If you're interested in joining email me at and I'll get you all the deets. 

6) "Deets" is teenager speak for "details". 

7) We watched some TV last night. Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives on the Food Network. Pretty sure I could watch the Food Network all day. (While eating ice cream of course.)

8) It's not an accident that you don't see car air fresheners with the scent Steer Manure. 


  1. Love the Triple D!! Except then I always end up making nachos or something at 11 pm.
    And please don't try to go much fast because you always have the best running pics! You have an eye for catching beauty.
    Also, totes in love with compressions socks and sleeves. I always feel better when I run with them.

  2. What a great post! Ahhh I wish I was down there for the Toquerville Falls run. Someday! Also, I think you should film that boy of yours playing piano and post it here. Would be so awesome to see!

  3. Nice! I once smelled like a dead jackal after forgetting to take a specimen out of my boot that was used for research at the local university. I should tell that story one day... Beautiful run! I will also run great times if I don't use the camera...