Monday, November 17, 2014

Red Mountain Trail In Two Words

I visited the Red Mountain Trail in southern Utah for the first time last week. The highlight of the trail is an incredible overlook of Snow Canyon State Park. Here are some views from the trail....two words at a time.

Striped rocks.

Pretty technical.

More climbing.

Snow Canyon!!

Same pose.

Incredible views.

Very high.

My legs are still recovering from the Javelina Jundred so I didn't go very far. And I didn't go very fast. Instead of getting lots of miles I took it easy and made a few rock towers.

Don't fall.

If you're in the St. George area I'd highly recommend checking this one out. There are lots of offshoots of the trail to get more miles. (Or you can start off on the wrong trail and get some bonus miles like I did.) You can see more info on the Red Mountain Trail HERE.

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