Monday, May 18, 2015

How Many Flowers Can I Cram Into One Blog Post?

14 miles in Warner Valley. So, so hot. The sun screen dripped into my eyes. That hurts. But I would take that feeling of molten lava in my eyeballs any day if that was the price that had to be paid to enjoy views like this.

The bright yellow wildflowers are absolutely bursting in this area right now. It kind of feels like I have this duty, this responsibility to stop and take pictures when I come across views like this. It feels like these views are begging to be shared with others.

I followed this bird around with my camera lens for a few minutes and took a few blurry pictures before finally catching this one:

There is a big rock in the absolute middle of nowhere where I built a small rock tower years ago. The wind or rain often knock the tower over so I restack them each time I pass.

The path was lined with flowers like I've never seen before. I loved the kaleidoscope of colors within the length of one picture frame.

I shared the dirt with lots and lots of cows over the course of those miles. It was almost like these multi-colored cows lined up in a row (with one cow in the background photo bombing the picture).

Those 14 hot, eye-burning miles were pure perfection.


  1. Spring has really sprung in your part of the world.

  2. Of course many flowers !! Such a beautiful thought...