Monday, May 9, 2016

I've Been Struggling A Lot

I've been struggling a lot with self-control lately. This has resulted in me running more miles to counteract my complete lack of will power. My struggle with self-control stems from two sources:

1) Costo has this cinnamon butter bread that tastes like it was made by angels. A heavenly choir of these bread making angels rejoices with every bite. On a 1-10 scale of amazingness, it ranks 427. And of course you can't buy just one loaf. The package at Costco contains three loaves. I can't help myself.

2) Our neighbor Julie brought over Monkey Bread last night. Basically it is a pan full of cinnamon, sugar, and butter covered carbohydrates. I took a few bites, then blinked, and when I looked down, almost half of it had teleported into my stomach.

To counteract my self-control problems, I've enjoyed a chunk of miles in Warner Valley. The wild flowers are popping around here and they look downright awesome.

That awkward moment when the beam of a UFO grabbed me by the chest and yanked me skyward:

I came across my first snake of the year. There will surely be many more snakes (and many more of my high pitched screams like a little girl when I almost step on them) this coming summer.

I took Mel on her first "run" to Toquerville Falls. In actuality, much of the route isn't a run at all. It's a slog up hills that feel like they are never going to end.

At one point Mel said "How many more miles until we reach the top of the mountain? Basically how many more miles am I going to hate you?"

Eventually we reached Toquerville Falls and Mel stopped hating me.

We ate some Butterfingers that had been stashed in my pack since who knows when. And they were delicious. Because difficult trails always make candy taste better. We enjoyed the waterfall for a while before heading back.

Mel caught this picture on the way down:

I'm not going to buy anymore Costco bread because eating one slice turns into three loaves. I'll eat more broccoli and try to convince myself that it tastes almost as good as Monkey Bread. And when I buy more Butterfingers, instead of eating them on the spot, I'll put them in my pack for the next run.


  1. It really is just as well that you run so many miles. It allows you to sustain the illusion of slimness when you're really a fat boy on the inside.

  2. Glad to hear I am not the only one struggling with the ever present control monster! Love the waterfall pics!!

  3. You're killing me. So I experienced my first slice of heaven just this past Friday. Two slices, actually. It was that bread from Costco that comes in packages of three, encrusted with cinnamon/sugar. Have you heated it in the microwave for 15 seconds with butter on it? It takes it to an entirely new level. So tonight I busted over to Costco and could not find it! I hope I never find it! I searched and searched, too! Sigh. Can we please go for another hike?

  4. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a challenging relationship with delicious carbohydrates.

  5. We have the same diet problems only I run 1/10th as much as you, SOOO.... Also- have you ever bought Chef Shamy's garlic Parmesan butter from there and made a grilled cheese with it? It will change your life. Also also- "The Beat" by Ben Rector. You're welcome. I'm completely digging him lately. If you haven't heard "Brand New" yet you should also check that out.

  6. Have you thought about slicing open a Twinkie and laying it between those two slices of bread?

  7. nice sharing!
    and those pic are really amazing.

  8. Anything from Costco is practically the best deal ever.. So I think it's ok to gulp that stuff down.
    Besides.. Ultras require extra fuel.;)

  9. Great advice re brocolli. Let us know how successful you are with it.

  10. Yay for brocolli. Err, yay for running lots of miles so I can eat garbage.