Monday, March 30, 2009

27 Weeks to Marathon

Monday, March 23rd: 30 minutes on exercise bike.

Tuesday, March 24th: 3 miles in 30 minutes on treadmill. I did pause about every ten minutes to re-stretch my legs which were feeling pretty tight.

Wednesday, March 25th: 2 miles at high school track. I did a few easy laps, then decided I'd see how fast I could run a mile. I ended up finishing in 7:46. It took every ounce of will power I had to not blow chunks. I'm looking forward to the coming months and trying to beat my time.

Thursday, March 26th: Rest.

Friday, March 27th: Rest.

Saturday, March 28th: 6 miles in 70 minutes. We spent the weekend camping with the Coopers at Valley of Fire near Mesquite. Mel and I were feeling ambitious and decided to run the 3 miles to the Visitor Center and back in mid-day heat. We walked around 2 of the 6 miles so we were happy with our time.

Later in the evening I went on a long mountain bike ride through a scenic loop which was absolutely beautiful. I think I tried to do it too fast though, and didn't feel the greatest afterward. There is a marathon, half, and 10k on November 21st at Valley of Fire. Being such a scenic area, I think I'll have to participate in one of those runs.

Check out this short video of a runner's experience at the Valley of Fire Marathon. 100 5th graders were there to run the last mile of the marathon. It's exciting and inspiring.


  1. Cory, how about I take the last mile with you? I don't think I can take all those hills.

  2. i totally want to do that with the kids at school. have them run 25 miles during the year and run the last mile of st george, but it is hard with the race being in october. any ideas?

    sorry i flaked at the track way to go on your mile and hopefully we'll have a better group tonight.