Saturday, March 21, 2009

28 Weeks To Marathon

Sunday, March 15th: 6 miles in 50 minutes. My church teaches that Sunday is a day of rest. I did not heed that council this day. We were camping with family at Valley of Fire State Park. In the evening the temperature was perfect and the red rocks surrounding us were beautiful. I couldn't resist going on a run. I headed down the road and I was in the groove. Then my funniest running experience to date occurred.

I was running on the side of the road and heard a car approaching so I looked up. A split second later I see this punk 20-something year old pop out the window and he proceeded to soak me with a water bottle. That gave me a chuckle for the rest of the run.

I stopped along the way around 8 times to take pictures (incredibly my 50 minutes includes picture taking). Here are a few from my run:

Monday, March 16th: Rest.

Tuesday, March 17th: 3 miles in 32 minutes on the treadmill.

Wednesday, March 18th: Running group at the high school track. I'd guess I did about 4 miles, and was really happy to have Mel join us.

I hit a running milestone that night: I kept up with speed demon Liz Dansie for a lap! (Disregard the fact that she kept going for another lap at least as fast as this one, while I stood off to the side watching my life flash in front of me.) It was a small sign that I'm slowly making progress.

Thursday, March 19th: Rest.

Friday, March 20th: 21 minutes on exercise bike. I decided to ride a little shorter to conserve energy for Saturday's long run. A good Jazz game makes the exercise bike much more enjoyable.

Saturday, March 21st: 7 miles in 64 minutes! I ran with Mel for the first three miles and pushed the girls in the exercise stroller. After Mel took the stroller I felt like 20 pounds had been lifted from my legs and I was able to haul. I'm so thankful my body held up as well as it did this week.

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  1. Great week!! and you deserve the soaking for running on the Sabbath, lol. this week i expect you to keep up with me for two laps.