Sunday, March 8, 2009

30 Weeks To Marathon

Monday, March 2nd: 3 miles in 34 minutes. I am a fool. Less than two minutes into my run, something snapped in my right hamstring. I wasn't real excited to feel shooting pain and knew I strained a muscle. Gosh. It hurt. It was just out of the blue. I didn't even have a good excuse for hurting myself. an act of utter stupidity....I kept running for the remaining 2.8 miles. The majority of the damage was done with the initial strain, but I'm sure running another 2.8 miles didn't help. I deserve to be slapped.

Tuesday - Thursday: Nothing. I iced my thigh a few times. I wanted to go out and do something active but resisted because I knew it would make matters worse. I deserve to be slapped.

Friday, March 6th: 30 minutes on the exercise bike.

Saturday, March 7th: 2.5 miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill, then 20 minutes on the exercise bike. My leg still hurts but it is slowly starting to ease up. I'm going to take it easy for the next little while to make sure I don't re-aggravate things. I deserve to be slapped.


  1. you are doing great. you should try a hamstring wrap. they have them at the dollar store in town. or you can buy a much nicer one at classic for 20 bucks.

  2. Made a stop at the dollar store before the Wednesday run. The psychological benefit of knowing you can still buy something in the US for $1 is at least as good as the physical benefit of the wrap.