Saturday, April 4, 2009

26 Weeks to Marathon

Monday, March 30th: 30 minutes on exercise bike.

Tuesday, March 31st: 20 minutes on exercise bike.

Wednesday, April 1st: 8 miles to Observation Point in Zion National Park. I went with brother-in-laws Dean and Matt on this steep 8 mile hike which gains more than 2100 feet. My body struggled much more with the trip down than it did on the way up. An amazing view and achy knees are the souvenirs for this hike.

Thursday, April 2nd: Rest.

Friday, April 3rd: 8 miles in 82 minutes. Mercy. It was cold. 42 degrees to be exact. A steady rain fell during the whole run. I'm a fan of rain running so I was happy.

While I was running I saw a middle aged guy walking from the other direction with a cane. He smiled at me and said "Show off!" People like him are one of the reasons I run - because I know one day I won't be able to. I know my health isn't going to last forever, so I want to take advantage of it while I can.

I work with people everyday who took their health for granted, and now would give anything to be able to go out and run a few miles. I have vowed to learn from them and take advantage of my health for as long as it lasts.

After six miles my muscles started to tighten up, and the cold was getting to my knees. They felt like rusty hinges and I was worried that if I kept pushing it I might hurt something. I decided to walk for a few minutes and got a second wind which gave me a few fast miles to end.

I was pleased with the run which is my longest so far. Even though the cold made my knees ache, I think it helped me to not get worn out and I felt good afterward.

Saturday, April 3rd: 20 minutes on exercise bike.


  1. Good work cory. Next time you want to hike in the Park let me know. I would love to tag along.

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