Friday, April 10, 2009

25 Weeks to Marathon

Monday, April 6th: 30 minutes on exercise bike. After I finished I promptly headed for the fridge for a big muther piece of banana/chocolate pie.

Tuesday, April 7th: 4 miles in 38 minutes. I ran in the morning before work. I don't think I'm much a fan of morning running. My body doesn't feel like it's fully functioning that early and it almost feels like trying to run in a swimming pool.

Wednesday, April 8th: 25 miles on exercise bike, followed by a large bowl of chocolate brownie ice cream. Yea. I haven't yet mastered the whole "cut out junk food" thing.

Thursday, April 9th: 4 miles in 37 minutes. Another early run before heading to work.

Friday, April 10th: 6.6 miles in 66 minutes. This was not a good day of running. The whole run felt hard and I never got in the groove. My body felt like it was wrapped in duct tape. Considering the amount of walk breaks I took I'm surprised I finished as fast as I did.

It was a terrible feeling to know that my legs were moving but it felt like I wasn't going anywhere. I was originally planning to do 8 miles but ended up cutting things short. It felt like I was at the same level as the first week I started running.

To summarize the run: I wanted to curl up on the sidewalk, get in fetal position, suck my thumb, and whimper.

I'm not sure if my struggles stem from the bowl of cereal I ate before the run, not getting enough sleep over the last week, poor diet, over-training, or a combination of all those things. I'm assuming it's normal to have an off day every once in a while. Hopefully my body will mellow out with a few days rest and be back to normal next week.


  1. off days are totally normal. i have them all the time. i am with you on the junk food. i have to be serious about next week. but i'll start on monday i am making a brownie bottomed lemon cheesecake for easter.

    it is good to train when the races are, which unfortunately is usually early morning. you don't have to do all your runs then, but at least once a week do an early morning run. once summer hits, it is the only time you can do them outdoor, anyway.

  2. oh yea, have fun in dc and get some runs in.