Saturday, May 16, 2009

20 Weeks to Marathon

Monday, May 11th 2009: 14 miles in 2 hrs 15 minutes. Due to a busy weekend coming up, I knew I'd have to do my long run Monday, and left the house at about 8:15pm. I now realize:
a) This is too late to go running when you have to work the next day
b) This is WAY too far to run when you have to work the next day
c) It is still really hot outside at 8:15pm

I felt unbelievably good for the first half of the run. At the turn-around point I was shocked at how fast I had gone and how good I was feeling. Then I did something dumb: I stopped for a few minutes to call Mel and ask if she'd put a pizza in the oven in 30 minutes. Big mistake.

By stopping, every muscle completely locked up and started yelling in pain. My feet were killing and my knees felt like they were going to snap. If running were an actual person, this is the conversation we would have had at that time:

Me: Ugh. I feel miserable. Please let me get home.

Running: Suck it up you big wussie! Are you wearing a skirt under those shorts?

Me: Shut up fatso! You are by far the STUPIDEST hobby ever been invented. I wish I never met you!

Running: Oh yea? Well, your mamma dresses you funny.

Me: I know you are but what am I?

I eventually made it home, and have walked like an old man ever since. Me and Running still aren't on speaking terms at the moment.

Tuesday, May 12th 2009: 30 minutes on exercise bike. Even though I was still miserable, I wanted to stretch out my legs to see if that would help a little bit. Unfortunately, not much.

Wednesday, May 13th 2009: 30 minutes on exercise bike. Thank you NBA play-offs for making this time bearable.

Thursday, May 14th 2009: 3 miles at track. I ran a mile warm-up, then did a fast lap, then slow lap and alternated for two miles. My times on the fast laps were 1:36, 1:41, 1:41, and 1:36. My legs were not too thrilled about the idea of running again.

Friday, May 15th 2009: Rest.

Saturday, May 16th 2009: Rest. Kind of. I went 4 wheeling with some guys to plan the route of a youth activity, so I hiked up a few big hills. I'm excited for tomorrow when I plan to do nothing.

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