Saturday, August 22, 2009

6 Weeks To Marathon

Monday, August 17th 2009: 30 minutes on exercise bike. I watched the world championship track meet while I rode. That helped the time go by quicker.

Tuesday, August 18th 2009: 30 minutes running hills. I jogged to the biggest hill I could find then ran up and down it for a half hour. I wanted to get my legs more used to running up and down hills since I'll get a lot of that at the marathon. I'll run the hill again next week and take my camera to demonstrate to you just how ginormous the hill is.

Wednesday, August 19th 2009: 30 minutes on exercise bike.

Thursday, August 20th 2009: 6 miles in 1 hour & 2 minutes. My stomach didn't feel very good that morning. For some reason I stupidly left the mp3 player at home. I cursed myself for the next hour. I really needed the music to take my mind off of how much I wanted to vomit. I felt sluggish and drained and desperately wanted to be back in bed.

Friday, August 21st 2009: Rest. Carbo-loading meal of the day: a Tostino's pizza. God knew what he was doing when he inspired the frozen Tostino's pizza.

Saturday, August 22nd 2009: 14 miles in 2 hours & 14 minutes. I ran the last 14 miles of the marathon course with Karrie, Shane, Elizabeth, and Ben. I didn't feel good for the entire run. Again, my legs felt like Play Dough. My right Achilles tendon was very testy.

There was only one good part about the run today. ONE. It was the amazing sunrise. I brought my camera with me on the run and stopped five times in the first few miles to take pictures. It was truly beautiful:

My body did what it does best - get overheated. I was sweating like a politician at a town hall meeting. By the end of the run I was feeling dehydrated and overheated and on the brink of barf.

I'm feeling a little discouraged about the running right now. The two runs I've done on the marathon course kicked my butt. My body did not feel good. add those two runs together seems very daunting. I might as well be running to Egypt.

Despite my concern, I'm hopeful that my body will adapt a little more over the next month so I'll feel better prepared.


  1. you rock as always and great pictures! thanks for letting me tag along. and i am sad i missed the track world track championships. we tried to watch them a couple of nights but they weren't on. i guess it was because they were on on monday.

  2. Great pictures. You will do great on the Marathon. You are certainly well prepared. Don't get frustrated.