Sunday, November 29, 2009

24 Weeks To Marathon Part Deux

It’s official. I’m registered for my second marathon, the Ogden Marathon, coming up on May 15th 2010. The most awesome thing is that runners of the half-marathon will include my old lady Melanie (sorry, that sounded derogatory, albeit funny. For the record, I have never called my wife “my old lady”. Even though it does sound funny.) And…….my sister Hollie, her husband Kelly, and my brother Kenny. I am really excited that they have joined the life of pleasure and pain that is running. This is very cool.

The big muscle at the top of my right leg is still acting testy. I’d smack it around and throw it in the dumpster if it wasn’t connected to me. I didn’t run for a few weeks which drove me nutz. I got antsy.

Finally on November 20th I went out for a 6 miler. My leg was a bit sore but I felt like a jungle lion that was just let out of a cage.

Tuesday, November 24th 2009: 7 miles in 1 hour & 14 minutes. I left while it was still dark outside. The temperature said 29 degrees outside. Granted, I had to fight my eyelids from freezing together. But I LOVED running in the cold. My body didn’t get tired nearly as quickly.

Thursday, November 26th 2009: 6 miles in 1 hour & 11 minutes. Mel and I went out on our own little turkey trot Thanksgiving morning. It was warmer on this morning: 33 degrees. I’d take running in that instead the 90+ degree days of southern Utah summer any day.

My leg is still sore, but back to about 70% of where it was pre-injury. I’m keeping my pace slower and not doing a ton of miles so hopefully it will continue to improve. I’m giving my leg a few more days before insisting that it stop this little temper tantrum.


  1. That's really nice! Keep up the hard work Cory... I'm sure you'll make to the top; Also hope your leg will get better soon!! don't be too hard on yourself!!

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