Saturday, January 23, 2010

16 Weeks To Marathon

Monday, January 18th 2010: 6 miles @ 11:31/mile pace. Mel and I started the run with Jackson who ran his first mile ever (see story HERE). I ran the first mile with the FiveFingers. The FiveFingers are like wearing a flashing sign that says "Look How Big Of A Running Geek I Am!" I'm okay with it though. I've had plenty of other experience looking like a geek.

Tuesday, January 19th 2010: 40 minutes on exercise bike. The epitome of boredom.

Wednesday, January 20th 2010: 4 miles @ 8:35/mile pace. Ouch. I went as fast as I could go for 4 miles. It was a significant challenge to prevent my lunch from becoming yard art. Thankfully no food ended up on the sidewalk. But...ouch. It was a really, really good ouch though. I was proud of myself. Ouch.

Thursday, January 21st 2010: 20 minutes on exercise bike.

Friday, January 22nd 2010: Rest. Carbo-loading included 3 pieces of toast and hot chocolate for breakfast, 2 frozen burritos for lunch, and spaghetti for dinner. And a ridiculous amount of oatmeal raisin cookies. Mmm. Don't mind my drool.

Saturday, January 23rd 2010: Painter's Half Marathon!! Read the full race story HERE!

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