Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm In Love

I'm in love. With my wife. And my kids. And this new hand-held water bottle I got for Christmas.

This Nathan bottle holds about 20 ounces, has a comfortable, secure, and adjustable hand strap, and a pouch big enough for a Gu packet or two.

I also have a water belt, which is very comfortable....until you actually start running. Then...the water starts sloshing around, it hurts my hips, and I start to feel like a pack mule.

The hand held bottle, on the other hand, feels like it was formed in the womb with me. I love you my water bottle. And wife. And kids.


  1. We both have one too. It is perfect for going on a quick run by the house-it fits my cell phone perfectly. Mostly for my daughter to call or me to call someone if I am laying on the side of the road with some sort of fits perfectly in the hands too!!

  2. Thanks for doing this review! :)
    I bought one last week after reading your review and it has become my new best friend. I love how the adjustable handstrap kind of kangaroo's it to your hand. And ample room for candy? Win win win.