Thursday, September 30, 2010

2 Days To St. George Marathon

In approximately 48 hours my wife and I, along with around 7400 other crazies will be standing at the starting line of the St. George Marathon. The gun will go off, the race will start, and we'll begin our 26.2 mile pilgrimage.

I remember one year ago at the St. George Marathon and the nervousness I felt. It was my first marathon and I had no idea what to expect. I think I've learned a lot over the last year. I think I understand pacing a little better. I understand how critical it is to start a race conservatively and not go out too fast. I understand the saying that the first 20 miles should be considered the first half of the marathon, and the last 6.2 miles should be considered the second half. At least for me, it's true that those last six miles are as hard as the first 20. I think I'm finally beginning to understand my body - to know what aches and pains are okay to run through and which ones I really need to pay attention to and back off. A lot has changed over this last year. I love the rewards and sense of accomplishment I get from running. Saturday's race will be my fifth marathon and I don't feel nervous anymore.

One situation I am keeping my eye on is the weather. I saw one forecast saying that the high for the day was supposed to be 99 degrees. Ouch! I have come to understand a valuable equation: Cory + Running + Heat = Barf. I have begged my grandparents to meet me at mile 17 with a motorized wheelchair. It's usually about that time when my legs begin to feel like bologna.

"To describe the agony of a marathon to someone who's never run it is like trying to explain color to someone who was born blind." ~ Jerome Drayton, winner of 1977 Boston Marathon

But....the more difficult the challenge is, the bigger the sense of accomplishment you feel. I can't wait for Saturday and the "agony of the marathon"!

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