Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Running A Marathon Is Like......

I found this quote a long time ago and was excited to show it to Mel after her first marathon:

Running A Marathon Is Like Having A Baby

It takes months and months of preparation… You spend all of your spare time reading books about the impending event… You’re either so famished you’re eating everything in sight, or so sick you spend most of your time in the bathroom… You’re sore in places you never knew could be sore… And as the day circled on your calendar grows ever nearer you begin to stress – if this is your first, about if you’re really ready for it and wondering how much it will hurt – and if you’ve done it before, if you’re ready for it again and knowing how much it will hurt… Finally the day arrives and you start… You think after a little while, “Hey, this isn’t so bad”, but soon that turns into “Oh my gosh… I think I’m going to die”, which turns into “Please, someone, kill me now” and you think people would have to be insane to do this more than once… But you push through it all somehow, and after you’re done you have something so special that you’ve worked so hard to bring to being and you have such a feeling of accomplishment and pride that suddenly it all seems worth it… and no matter if it is your first or your fifth, every one is special and unique and you will cherish them all… And before you know it you’ve forgotten the pain and you’ll be contemplating the next one!

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  1. This was very inspirational for me, I can understand the struggle it can be, running a marathon. Having been an athlete myself, there were numerous times I had to push myself through hard times so I can relate to this. Great post.