Sunday, January 2, 2011

I HATE Treadmills

Monday, December 27th 2010: 18 miles @ 10:51 per mile pace. I knew we were going to be going to Salt Lake in a few days and a mega storm complete with 8-14 inches of snow was in their forecast. Bleh. So unless I wanted to run 18 miles in the snow (tempting, but, um, no), I needed to do my long run Monday. Before work. Double bleh. I didn't take any pictures because, you guessed it, it was pitch black outside.

Shockingly, no amount of diet Mountain Dew gave me the jolt I was needing by 6pm when I left work.

Tuesday, December 28th 2010: 6 miles @ 11:47 per mile pace. Another pre-work run in the dark. But after yesterday's run I felt like a slug. My legs felt like they were full of diet Mountain Dew. Oh, wait......

Wednesday, December 29th 2010:
Freezing temperature and hideous amounts of snow in Salt Lake. I missed the balmy 25 degrees of southern Utah.

Thursday, December 30th 2010:
7 miles on (gulp) the treadmill. I'm just too sissy to run in 10 inches of snow and slush on the side of the road as cars slip by within inches of turning me to roadkill. So I spent 7 miles with my worst enemy, Satan's Sidewalk (aka the treadmill):

This was pure agony. The treadmill is like some kind of freaky vortex. You work twice as hard but only go half as far. I was panting and sweating my guts out within 5 minutes. I kept finding excuses to stop and get off for a minute:

Mile 0.4 - Better get off and move the water bottle closer to the treadmill.
Mile 0.7 - Whoops, better get off and move the remote control closer too.
Mile 1.1 - I think I'll go to the bathroom.
Mile 1.5 - Did someone just knock on the door? Better go check. Maybe it will be a serial killer who will put me out of my misery.
Mile 1.7 - I swear, I just heard someone knock again.
Mile 2.0 - Man, that water went through me quickly. Why not take another bathroom break.
Mile 2.6 - You know what sounds good? Graham crackers. Lets go see if there are any graham crackers in the cupboard.

And so on. And so on. You get the point.

Friday, December 31st 2010: Another 4 miles on the dreadmill. I would rather listen to an entire Celine Dion CD than run 4 miles on the treadmill. At the moment, the treadmill and me are not on speaking terms.

Saturday, January 1st 2011:
Do cupcakes, chocolate, donuts, diet Coke, candy, In & Out Burger, ice cream, and Almond Roca count as carbo loading? If so, I did an AWESOME job of carbo loading this weekend.

What's really crazy is that I counted how many miles I ran in December: 172 MILES!!!! That is by far the most I have ever run in a month. I am excited about what the new year will bring!

"Beyond the very extreme of fatigue and distress, we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own; sources of strength never taxed at all because we never push through the obstruction."
~ William James


  1. That is alot of mileage for one month!! Nice work and I have a couple Celine CD's if you ever need to borrow one....

  2. Way to rock the Milage. Nice....... For the record I hate, no I loathe treadmills. I dont even have a love hate relationship, I just hate them. Oh well glad u got ur runs in.

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